Welcome to Shandong JingKun Chemical Co.,Ltd.

About Us

Located in Rizhao City-a beautiful coastal city in Shandong province, Shandong Jingkun Chemical Co., Ltd.is mainly engaged in the manufacturing, sales and import and export of chemical products such as pharmaceutical intermediates and pesticide intermediates, etc. Relying on wide business scope, we now mainly produce: triethyl orthoformate, trimethyl orthoformate, trimethyl orthoacetate, acetonitrile, triethylamine, phosphorous acid, ethyl formate, sodium methoxide, sodium ethoxide, n-butyraldehyde, n-Butanol and other products. Committed to providing customers with quality services and excellent products, our company has established cooperative relationships with hundreds of companies at home and abroad, and has rapidly expanded our markets in Germany, Japan, the United States, India, etc., and established cooperation with the world's leading pharmaceutical companies and pesticide companies in the world.

Upholding the development philosophy of "Quality First, Credit First", our company has an honest business and follows market demand. Looking forward to the future, Jingkun sincerely hopes to cooperate with more outstanding enterprises in the world for further progress.

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